Iqbal’s concept of Khudi
Speaker: Zafar Anjum and Rafey Zuberi



(Also available on Google, Apple and other major Podcast Apps – Search for RawPods – Creative Ideas & Expression)


“Part of the Asian Creative Community Worldwide.” A Chat With Zafar Anjum, Editor of Kitaab (The Review Review, Pittsburgh, USA, April 2016)

Kafkaesque Ayodhya: Interview with author Zafar Anjum (The Arabian Gazette, 7 Jan 2016)

Wordsmith Zafar Anjum delights with new book, Kafka in Ayodhya and Other Short Stories (Global Asian Times, 28 Nov 2015)

Is there a writer in you? You should know about Kitaab (e27, 14 Dec 2015)

An Interview with Zafar Anjum, Founder of Kitaab (The Indian Short Story in English, 30 Nov 2015)

Zafar Anjum chronicles the life of poet Iqbal (The Gulf News, 31 December 2014)

A tale of ten Startup Cities (Techgoss, 19 December 2014)

‘Muslims in India will learn to live as second class citizens’ (Rediff News, 1 December 2014)

Exploring life in Singapore as a ‘foreign talent’ (Ceylon Today, 27 July 2014)

India’s biggest corporate fraud (Businessworld, 11 January 2013)

The Satyam crisis (Tehelka, 27 November 2012)

The True Story (India Se, Singapore, November 2012)

Resurgence of Satyam chronicled (, Nov. 2012)

The Fall and Rise of Global IT Giant Satyam (IDG World Update, 13 Nov, 2012)

Fall and rise… (The Hindu, India)

New writers for Singapore fest (The Straits Times, Singapore)

A tete-a-tete on writing (Just Books Connect, India)

Such A Long Journey (The Hindu, India)


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