To schedule interviews, readings and lectures, send an email to Zafar Anjum at For faster response, DM Zafar at Twitter: @zafaranjum.

For publishing and translation rights and copyright related inquiries, contact his literary agent at Jacaranda Literary Agency.

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Read your book on Allama Iqbal sahab, i loved it and i want you to write more on him so that here in India i can meet and know about one of my favorite Poet .I don’t think iqbal sahab is celebrated much in India so please i want you to spread the fragrance of that flower in our country.

    i loved your research very much and i also request you to write on Haji Mastan, i know it sounds i bit divergent but just a wish :)

  2. Respected Sir
    Purchased your book Iqbal : The Life of a Poet, Philosopher and Politician.

    Going through.
    Er. Meraj Anjum
    JWM, Ordnance Fy. Rajgir.
    Ministry of Defence.

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